Pneumatic and Electric Air Compressor Hire

air compressor for hire

Breathe Life into Your Projects: Pneumatic and Electric Air Compressor Hire through Coastal Hire The sounds of pneumatic equipment are the soundtrack of progress on any construction site; but amongst the breaking of rock and lifting of asphalt, there is the quieter force of an air compressor at work powering these tools. Without an air […]

A Brief Guide to Water Pumps from Coastal Hire

water pump hire

Keeping Construction Sites Dry: A Brief Guide to Water Pumps from Coastal Hire Water pumps from Coastal Hire might just be the hidden heroes of construction sites, constantly getting on with the job of keeping the ground dry and the project on track. Water is crucial for the construction process when mixing concrete or keeping […]

What Tools Can I Hire from Coastal Hire?

What tools can I hire from Coastal Hire

As a new contractor, you may be evaluating equipment hiring instead of purchasing to get your small business off the ground faster. You may wonder, ‘What tools can I hire from Coastal Hire?’. This is a very good question to ask as an up-and-coming business owner since the types of tools you would typically hire […]

Daily Generator Hire to Deal with Day-to-day Disruptions

generator hire from Coastal Hire

In industry, time is money and delays can quickly eat into profits. So, when there is no electricity supply, generator hire through Coastal Hire is often a perfect solution. Not having the power to run the right tools, equipment or appliances prevents projects from being completed and businesses from running quickly and efficiently. However, not […]

Tool Hire for Contractors: Save Money and Time

tool hire for contractors - Coastal Hire

In the challenging world of the construction industry, builders and DIY contractors alike often face the problem of procuring the necessary equipment to execute their duties effectively. As a solution, tool hire for contractors can simplify the process. While purchasing the products outright may seem logical, it often comes with significant upfront costs, ongoing maintenance […]

Why Gardening Equipment Hire in South Africa Makes More Sense for Your Cents

Gardening equipment hire in South Africa is becoming a popular way for many to provide employment for others and to earn an honest living for themselves. It is relatively easy to start a gardening service but there are often costly assets to acquire. To retain your clientele and complete each job efficiently and professionally while […]

The Increasing Need for Quality Construction Equipment Hire in South Africa

quality construction equipment hire

With sentiment growing to a six-year high in the sector this year, demands for quality construction equipment hire in South Africa have increased significantly. Construction companies have grown proportionately in line with this improved consumer confidence. These companies vary in size from small, domestic home and alteration builders to contractors that complete large commercial and […]

Rent Compaction Equipment for Your Construction Projects

quality construction equipment hire

Build with Confidence: Rent Compaction Equipment for Your Construction Projects Compaction equipment for hire has quickly become the go-to solution for many construction companies – whether large or small – and even for adventurous DIYers. It makes perfect sense as sometimes larger construction machinery is simply too cumbersome to store, transport and maintain. If your […]

Quality Equipment Hire and Welding Machines

Maximize Your Productivity with Quality Equipment Hire and Welding Machines Welding machines for hire are one of the most convenient, cost-efficient ways of joining two pieces of metal together, especially if you do not own one. So, whether you are a professional welder looking to make some extra money after hours, an owner of a […]