Hiring of Equipment: One-Stop Shops for Construction, Maintenance and Home DIY Projects

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Hiring of Equipment: One-Stop Shops for Construction, Maintenance and Home DIY Projects

Whether you are a professional contractor, a weekend warrior or simply a homeowner tackling DIY projects, the hiring of equipment can be a cost-effective and convenient way to complete many projects on time. However, since some pieces of equipment are only needed occasionally, there is more value in opting for tools for hire rather than investing in new ones.

Hiring of equipment: Coastal Hire is your one-stop shop

This makes sense on many levels as the high cost of essential equipment poses a significant problem for many smaller contractors, developing companies and the average DIYers. Essential building equipment is expensive and sometimes cumbersome to transport and store when not in use. This can force some smaller concerns to decline projects purely due to their inability to access the necessary machinery.

Introducing Coastal Hire for the Hiring of Equipment

For these reasons and more, we at Coastal Hire have made it easy to hire equipment. As the No.1 supplier of superior construction and other equipment for hire in South Africa, we have used our considerable buying power to purchase the latest, most advanced machines so you do not have to.

Our significant buying power has led to cost-effective pricing solutions which have elevated various small businesses to higher levels countrywide. These machines have assisted avid DIYers, multi-tasking repairmen, building companies, construction engineers and more for decades as we take on the responsibility of supporting these industries in the South African marketplace. Let’s take a look at only three of the plethora of areas we already assist:

3 Areas in which Coastal Hire Assists with the Hiring of Equipment

  1. Construction: Construction projects of all sizes require a wide range of equipment. From heavy machinery and small plant equipment to hand-held power tools. At Coastal Hire, you can hire construction equipment as we supply everything you need to get the job done right! From ride-on rollers and tractor TLBs to compaction equipment, breaking equipment, generators, pneumatic equipment and more.
  • Maintenance Tasks: Keeping homes and properties in good repair requires hard work and dedication. It is sometimes performed by homeowners and other times it is contracted out. But with the vast array of projects that may need to be undertaken around the house, including masonry,  painting work, pool cleaning, garden maintenance and hedge trimming, it is near impossible to own every piece of equipment necessary to stay ahead of all the household tasks. At Coastal Hire, we offer equipment for any household project and more.
  • DIY Projects: Whether you are a general contractor or simply enjoy DIY projects, they can be an economical way to improve a home. However, they often require specialised equipment that you may not own. At Coastal Hire, we have you covered. We can provide you with everything that you need, from hand-held power tools to speciality equipment.

Exceptional Quality – Outstanding Service

At Coastal Hire, we present uncompromisingly high standards by providing exceptional service, trained staff, cost-effective pricing solutions and a superior-quality range of equipment that boasts some of the latest technology.

With more than 110 outlets throughout Southern Africa, there will always be a Coastal Hire near you. We are the undisputed answer for the hiring of equipment throughout the region. Regardless of the size of your business, your trade or your passion for your project, if you need tools for hire, contact us for all your hiring needs.

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