What Tools Can I Hire from Coastal Hire?

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What Tools Can I Hire from Coastal Hire?

As a new contractor, you may be evaluating equipment hiring instead of purchasing to get your small business off the ground faster. You may wonder,What tools can I hire from Coastal Hire?’. This is a very good question to ask as an up-and-coming business owner since the types of tools you would typically hire from us would largely depend on the project you would be undertaking, and your equipment hire needs.

What tools can I hire from Coastal Hire?

For almost three decades, we have seen small businesses grow from starting with jobs requiring the hand-held hammer to large-scale projects that need heavy-duty construction equipment to complete.

From humble beginnings in 1996 with a mere five branches, we have stretched our reach to nine countries with over 110 franchises throughout Southern Africa. You can rest assured that there will always be a Coastal Hire near you. So, if you are wondering where to hire the latest tools and equipment, then simply peruse our conveniently located outlets.

What Tools Can I Hire from Coastal Hire?

Anything you need concerning construction, plumbing, building, gardening, DIY projects and more is available to rent from Coastal Hire. We service a broad range of customers from various industries, from medium to large construction companies to bakkie builders and avid DIYers – a testament to the trust our clientele has in us and our quality tool hire through the years.

The loyalty shown by our community of clients stems from the superior quality tools and equipment that we have sourced from our international suppliers. We have used our unequalled buying power to invest in this equipment at discounted rates, and the savings we have encountered have been passed on to you, our dedicated clients. This makes for cost-effective pricing solutions for all your electric tools for hire.

What Tools Can I Hire When I Need Quality Rental Equipment?

At Coastal Hire, we only carry internationally recognised brands, including Honda, Bosch, Hilti, Weber, Wacker and more. One of the premium benefits of using our services is that you never have to be concerned about equipment maintenance and servicing. Our qualified technicians maintain these machines in excellent working order so you can be assured that our products will remain consistent and reliable from the beginning to the end of your project. Moreover, in the unlikely event that one of our machines breaks down on-site, a replacement unit will be delivered to you to avoid unnecessary delays in your timeline.

Does Coastal Hire Provide Training on their Equipment to Rent?

As a start-up business owner, when you ask, “What tools can I hire?”, you may not be familiar with all the modern construction equipment available, especially when they boast the latest technological features. At Coastal Hire, we realise that even experienced artisans may not be trained in operating some of the newer machinery.

For these reasons and more, we have proudly produced an instruction document that is unique to our industry entitled The Handy Guide, which is an instruction booklet for all the tools that we supply. This booklet is supported by an array of short, two-minute videos on how to use all of our equipment safely, efficiently and effectively.

Come to Coastal for All of Your Equipment Hire Needs

When you next ask the question, “What tools can I hire?”, then come to Coastal Hire. Pop into one of our branches throughout Southern Africa where all of your equipment hire needs will be met.

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