Pneumatic and Electric Air Compressor Hire

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Pneumatic and Electric Air Compressor Hire

Breathe Life into Your Projects: Pneumatic and Electric Air Compressor Hire through Coastal Hire

The sounds of pneumatic equipment are the soundtrack of progress on any construction site; but amongst the breaking of rock and lifting of asphalt, there is the quieter force of an air compressor at work powering these tools. Without an air compressor on site, many tasks would be far more difficult. These machines breathe life into a diverse range of air tools essential for everything from delicate finishing touches to heavy-duty demolition.

Pneumatic Tool and Electric Air Compressor Hire from Coastal Hire

While air tools find applications across many tasks, they truly become effective in breaking materials. Jackhammers pulverise concrete and stone, pavement breakers carve through asphalt with ease and hand scramblers remove laitance. These pneumatic machines deliver raw power with precision making them the obvious choice for tough projects requiring controlled demolition.

The Perfect Air Compressor for Your Project from Coastal Hire

At Coastal Hire, we understand the vital role an air compressor and air tools play in construction. That is why we offer a complete range of pneumatic construction equipment to cater to every project need, from small home renovations to large-scale infrastructure developments. Whether you are a seasoned contractor or simply a DIY enthusiast, we have the perfect solution to power your projects.

Pneumatic Air Tools for Any Task

Air Compressor Breaker: We stock a selection of powerful yet portable pneumatic breakers, like our hand-held paving breaker. Weighing in at only 35kg, it can be used for general demolition of medium and hard materials such as asphalt and concrete. It is lighter than fuel-powered machines because it does not need a motor attached.

Hand Scramblers and Chippers: The pneumatic hand scrambler and chipper are needed on most construction sites. Powered by an air compressor, this versatile tool removes stubborn rust, paint, scale, and laitance, and is also used for concrete repair. From delicate restoration work to heavy-duty industrial cleaning, we have the right tool for the job.

Rock Drills: These powerful machines weigh in at only 24kg but pack a punch of up to 2040 blows per minute. At 6 bars of air consumption, they consume 58 l/s and measure at 565mm. Rock drills are ideal for secondary drilling and drilling for smooth blasting.

Beyond the Brawn: Air Compressor Options

While the pneumatic air compressor reigns supreme in terms of raw power, electric air compressors offer distinct advantages. They are quieter, require less maintenance, and eliminate the need for fuel storage and emissions concerns. At Coastal Hire, we recognise these growing demands and provide a variety of electric air compressors which are suited to smaller projects and home vehicle respray touch-ups in noise-sensitive environments.  

Safety First

When working with air tools and compressors, safety is paramount. This is why we prioritise your well-being by providing comprehensive personal protection equipment (PPE) alongside our air compressor rentals. We offer ear protection, safety glasses and more to ensure you work safely and with confidence.

Go with Coastal Hire

Selecting the right construction equipment hire company is as important as choosing the right machinery for your next project. Since 1994, Coastal Hire has invested in only the most superior quality equipment for any construction project so that you don’t have to. With a footprint of more than 110 outlets across southern Africa, there is always a Coastal Hire near you. For the latest technologies, qualified recommendations and service excellence, contact Coastal Hire for all your air compression and construction equipment needs. It’s the smarter choice!

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