Power Up Your DIY Projects! 

Are you ready to power up your next DIY project? Below we have a look at four of the essential electrical tools you would need before starting.  Angle Grinder An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can handle a wide range of tasks, such as cutting, grinding, polishing and sharpening. Its size and powerful […]

Don’t break the bank, just break ground! 

While starting a new DIY project can be exciting, it can also be stressful and daunting. Whether you’re revamping your home, updating a room or landscaping your garden, having the right equipment is essential for success.  A question we get asked by many DIYers is whether buying or hiring equipment is the best option for […]

Introducing QR Codes to Enhance Your Equipment Hire Experience

Are you ready for a game-changer in the world of equipment hire? Coastal Hire is excited to bring you a groundbreaking development that will change the way you engage with our brand – the introduction of QR Codes on all of our equipment! Embracing Technology In our commitment to providing outstanding service, Coastal Hire takes […]

What Tools Can I Hire from Coastal Hire?

What tools can I hire from Coastal Hire

As a new contractor, you may be evaluating equipment hiring instead of purchasing to get your small business off the ground faster. You may wonder, ‘What tools can I hire from Coastal Hire?’. This is a very good question to ask as an up-and-coming business owner since the types of tools you would typically hire […]

Tool Hire for Contractors: Save Money and Time

tool hire for contractors - Coastal Hire

In the challenging world of the construction industry, builders and DIY contractors alike often face the problem of procuring the necessary equipment to execute their duties effectively. As a solution, tool hire for contractors can simplify the process. While purchasing the products outright may seem logical, it often comes with significant upfront costs, ongoing maintenance […]