Get ahead of the chill and fix those snags before winter arrives. 

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Get ahead of the chill and fix those snags before winter arrives. 

As winter slowly starts to approach, it is time to start preparing your home for the colder months. Addressing small issues now can prevent them from becoming major headaches later on. In this article, we will explore some essential DIY and maintenance tasks that you should start to tackle now, along with helpful tips and tricks to make the process smoother. 

Inspect and seal windows and doors 

Check for any gaps or drafts around windows and doors that could let cold air in and warm air out. Seal them to improve energy efficiency and keep your home warm. Tip: Use a planer to ensure your windows fit properly and snuggly. 

Clean gutters and downpipes 

Proper drainage is essential to avoid water damage to your roof and foundation. This is the ideal time to clear leaves, debris and other blockages from your gutters and downpipes to prevent water backup. Tip: use a leaf blower from Coastal Hire to help make this task easier. 

Check your roof 

Check for signs of wear and tear on your roof and repair any leaks or weak spots. Tip: use a high-pressure washer to clean and dislodge stubborn grime and build-up from your roof’s surface. 

Trim trees and bushes 

Trimming trees and bushes before winter is essential to maintain their health, promote growth and prevent potential damage from heavy rain, strong winds and storms that can occur during the colder months. Tip: use a chainsaw, hedge trimmer and blower to make pruning easier. 

By taking the time to complete these home maintenance tasks before winter arrives, you can ensure a stress-free season ahead. Remember, Coastal Hire offers a wide range of equipment to help you tackle these projects efficiently and affordably. From ladders and power tools to water pumps and generators, Coastal Hire has you covered for all your winter preparation needs. 

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