Powered Up: The Benefits of Generator Hire During Colder Months and Load Shedding 

As the colder months approach, ensuring a reliable source of power becomes increasingly essential for both comfort and safety. With the threat of load shedding and power interruptions looming large, particularly during times of high demand or maintenance issues, generator hire proves to be a practical solution to keeping your home or business running efficiently. […]

Don’t Let DIY Become DI-Wait: Coastal Hire’s Favourite DIY Equipment To Hire.

Starting a new DIY project can feel stressful and daunting. From a lack of experience to time and budget constraints, many of us convince ourselves that these projects are best left “for tomorrow”. At Coastal Hire, we understand the importance of taking the first step and have put together a list of our favourite DIY […]

Daily Generator Hire to Deal with Day-to-day Disruptions

generator hire from Coastal Hire

In industry, time is money and delays can quickly eat into profits. So, when there is no electricity supply, generator hire through Coastal Hire is often a perfect solution. Not having the power to run the right tools, equipment or appliances prevents projects from being completed and businesses from running quickly and efficiently. However, not […]

Hire a Generator – The Long-Term Benefits

hire a generator

Hire a Generator For Long-Term Benefits Depending on your trade or industry you might want to hire a generator to ensure consistent power supply for your business. It is unfortunate but, right now businesses across the board are losing money during power outages. This is especially true for the construction industry where early completion bonuses […]

Why Hiring of Generators is the Better Option

hiring of generators, hiring vs buying a generator

Renting vs. Buying: Why Hiring of Generators is the Better Option When it comes to either the buying or hiring of generators, the subject is often debated between contractors and DIYers alike, especially now, during debilitating load-shedding schedules. Even though the country’s electricity provider cannot keep up with the daily demand for power usage, the […]