Why Hiring of Generators is the Better Option

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Why Hiring of Generators is the Better Option

Renting vs. Buying: Why Hiring of Generators is the Better Option

When it comes to either the buying or hiring of generators, the subject is often debated between contractors and DIYers alike, especially now, during debilitating load-shedding schedules. Even though the country’s electricity provider cannot keep up with the daily demand for power usage, the construction industry is flourishing in southern Africa. Since electric power is often needed to run vital equipment on many construction sites and time-sensitive projects cannot afford hours of non-productivity, builders are turning to generators to provide the necessary on-site energy requirements.

The qualified professionals at Coastal Hire have observed the project delays, losses of early completion bonuses and, sadly, the loss of many jobs due to power shortages in the construction and other industries. This has been a deep concern for us, and we sympathise with every one of our customers and their employees who face these challenges every day. For these reasons and more, we have considered these devastating factors, and now offer the many benefits of the hiring of generators. So, if you are deciding on which generator to buy, first consider the advantages of renting these crucial pieces of equipment.

Purchasing vs. Hiring of Generators – Consider These 4 Factors

  1. Save on Upfront Costs: With the need for alternative power sources escalating rapidly, the prices of generators have increased exponentially. Upfront investments are often severe for higher KVA-output machines and not all contracting businesses and DIYers can afford them. The hiring of generators offers the benefit of a smaller upfront expense, and you can budget for it only on the projects where they are needed.
  • KVA Flexibility: Once you own the power unit, you have one KVA-output selection for all your construction jobs. This level of energy may be too small for some projects and too powerful for others. This could result in getting too much draw from your equipment leading to increased maintenance costs, or the machine has too much power causing fuel wastage. Generator hire eliminates this problem as you may select the KVA output you need for each project.
  • Save on Maintenance Costs: Often, the refuelling of these units is done by on-site foremen or workers. Without owner supervision, necessary care might not be taken every time there is a refuel, overheating due to excessive draw might not be attended to timeously and general neglect might lead to malfunctions. Generator rentals alleviate the frustrations of on-site breakdowns, constant servicing, and maintenance and upkeep of the machine.
  • Storage and Downtime: Whether they are bought outright or loans are acquired, generators are bulky pieces of equipment and take up a lot of storage space when not in use. Additionally, they may not be used on every project so the equipment may cost money during slower periods. Mobile generator hire is an easy solution as you can fetch it when you need it or we can deliver it for you.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Equipment Hire Vendor

At Coastal Hire, we have invested in only the best-quality construction equipment, including energy-generating machinery, so you don’t have to. With 120 outlets throughout southern Africa, our immense buying power has allowed us to purchase these products at highly competitive rates. To assist you in maximising profitability from each of your projects in these difficult times, we have passed these savings onto you by offering the most competitive rental rates. Join our happy community of recurring renters for your next project. Contact a Coastal Hire branch near you today!

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