Why Many Businesses Opt for Generator Hire

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Why Many Businesses Opt for Generator Hire

For many South African companies, keeping overhead costs low is a priority. Sometimes, this means that you will need to own essential office features instead of renting it, such as office furniture or other equipment. However, this is not necessarily always the case. There are various advantages to hiring generators instead of outright buying one for your commercial property.

Opting for the competitive rates associated with hiring a generator can be far more cost-efficient than owning one. This is because owning a generator will require a large capital outlay from the company. When hiring a generator, you will simply have to pay a monthly sum, which means your business will be able to conserve its capital for other essential business purposes.

Generator Maintenance and Greater Flexibility

Another reason why so many companies opt for the great rates of generator hire is because of the many advantages that its flexibility has to offer. If your business is forced to relocate, then your generator can easily move along with your company. Again, if your business grows or lands a new contract that will require greater capacity in the short to medium term, you can negotiate the term of your contract to opt for a different capacity generator.

In just about any economy, the option to upsize or downsize the size of the generator is frequently one of the most popular benefits that a rental contract has to offer. You will also be assured of the best rental rates available when you partner with the right supplier.

Keep in mind that if you were to purchase a generator outright, the initial capital outlay will only be the first investment that the business will need to make. The company will need to pay for maintenance and upkeep of the unit, and pay for support if something goes wrong. When you search around for the best rates of generators, maintenance will be included in your monthly rental. Not only will this save the company money in the long run, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your company will not have to suffer through downtime if anything ever happens.

Even if your company owns its own generator, it is still worthwhile to ensure that a reputable rental company, offering the best rates, is part of your disaster recovery plan, should something go wrong. If something happens and your generator is out of action, then you have a company on call to supply you with an interim generator should you need it. This will make all the difference in keeping your company’s business operations running smoothly or completely shutting down operations.

Affordable Generator Hire Rates from Coastal Hire

If you are looking for the best rates for renting a generator in South Africa, then look no further than Coastal Hire. We are one of the leading suppliers of affordable and quality generator hire in South Africa and we continue to lead our industry in excellence. For many years we have been supplying South African companies with tool and plant hire equipment and we still set the bar in the industry today.

With more than 70 branches across the country, you will surely find a Coastal Hire franchise close to you. We will deliver and collect the generators from your site, so that you will not have to fret about the logistics. Coastal Hire offers affordable products and services that will help you to grow your business to where it needs to go.

To learn more about our many services and find out how Coastal Hire can help you meet your business demands, contact us to discuss our rates for hiring a generator today.


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