A Simple Contractors Guide to Breaking and Drilling Equipment Hire

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Unlock Efficiency: A Simple Contractors Guide to Breaking and Drilling Equipment Hire It is more economical to own smaller construction tools that you use daily, but when it comes to larger breaking and drilling equipment, sometimes it is better to hire them. These machines come in various shapes and sizes and each piece of equipment […]

What Equipment Can You Expect from Plant Hire Services in South Africa?

The outright purchasing of heavy plant equipment and machines would be expensive for any company these days. It is because of this that many South African businesses choose the next best alternative – working with professional plant hire services. These services offer companies all the equipment and machines that they will need to take care […]

Get the Best Plant Hire Rates Available in South Africa

Plant hire in South Africa provides companies with access to all the tools they need to achieve success in their industries. This service provides access to all the equipment your business will need without the out of pocket expense usually associated with purchasing pieces of expensive equipment outright. Many pieces of equipment and machinery made […]

Why Your Company Will Benefit from Plant Hire in Gauteng

If you have a small- to medium-sized construction company in need of quality, reliable and affordable plant hire equipment, you have options available to you. You could invest all your liquid capital in new or second-hand equipment, or take out a loan and purchase the equipment you need. Alternatively, you can make use of plant […]

Why Coastal Hire Remains South Africa’s Leading Plant Hire Company

Plant hire companies in South Africa perform a vital role in keeping the economy moving. Many small to medium sized companies would not be able to meet the demands of their industries without the help of these plant hire companies. There are various reasons for this, but one of the biggest seems to be that […]

The Benefits of Plant Hire in Gauteng

When it comes to construction companies, not everyone can afford to buy their own construction equipment upfront, which is why plant hire in Gauteng is a great option to consider. This is especially true if you will only be using certain equipment for a few weeks or a few months at a time; there is […]

Coastal Hire: Plant and Tool Hire Experts

Buying equipment and tools upfront can be very expensive, especially if you need to use multiple items for a larger building or construction project. This is why plant and tool hire is a great option to consider, as it will not only save you in terms of expenses, but also provide you with an instant […]

Benefitting from Low Plant Hire Rates

When you run a construction or building project, you want to keep your costs as low as possible and one way to do this is to reduce your equipment expenses. This can be done by hiring what you need from a hiring company instead of buying everything up front, as this will save a lot […]

A Cut Above Other Plant Hire Companies

When we say we are one of the leading plant hire companies in South Africa, we have the goods to back it up. For many years Coastal Hire has been working nonstop to grow our brand into one of the leading suppliers of plant hire and tool and equipment rental in southern Africa. Since 1994 […]

Benefitting from Affordable Plant Hire in South Africa

If you’re looking to partner with a provider of affordable plant hire in South Africa, then Coastal Hire is what you’re looking for. We first started off in 1994 with only five stores. By trying to offer a unique tool and plant hire service in South Africa, we were trailblazing an entirely new industry that […]