A Simple Contractors Guide to Breaking and Drilling Equipment Hire

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A Simple Contractors Guide to Breaking and Drilling Equipment Hire

Unlock Efficiency: A Simple Contractors Guide to Breaking and Drilling Equipment Hire

It is more economical to own smaller construction tools that you use daily, but when it comes to larger breaking and drilling equipment, sometimes it is better to hire them. These machines come in various shapes and sizes and each piece of equipment has its own particular function. Using an under or overpowered machine just because you own it and it is the cheaper option might either damage the machine, negatively affect the outcome of the project or even compromise the safety of the user.

These challenges might be avoided if you rent the correct breaking and drilling equipment from a reputable hire company where you will find the precise piece of equipment to complete the job correctly and efficiently. Once the project is complete, you can return it. These are only a few of the many advantages of hiring the correct equipment above using your own if it is not meant for the specific task.

In this article, our professionals at Coastal Hire will offer a few tips, hints and expert opinions on why hiring breaking and drilling equipment for various contracts is an option you should consider.

Save on Expenses by Hiring Breaking and Drilling Equipment

Although it is highly promoted by many as a cost-effective way of completing construction projects, some companies are sceptical about how breaking and drilling equipment can assist in growing their businesses. It is a simple case of cost versus usage. If an expensive piece of equipment is going to lie around for long periods, consider budgeting the hire costs for each job individually.

Cement breaking with air chisels and breakers, or drilling pilot holes followed by larger ones to plant wooden or concrete poles are an important part of many construction projects. These pieces of equipment, however, do not get used every day. Budgeting for the temporary use of the correct equipment for the job will save you the expense of procuring several tools all at once. Additionally, consider these factors:

  • Renting breaking and drilling equipment allows you to improve cash flow.
  • Improves individual project profitability.
  • No large capital outlay.
  • No expensive monthly instalments.
  • Offers a loan-free solution to grow your business.
  • Quote on projects you would normally not be able to do because of the lack of equipment.
  • Access the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the price.
  • Have the correct equipment delivered and collected from your site, which means:
  • No more doing the right job with the wrong tools.
  • No more transporting bulky, heavy equipment to and from the site.
  • No more expensive call-outs for services and maintenance.

Partner with the Professionals

At Coastal Hire, we have a vested interest in the success of your business, so we provide only the best quality breaking, drilling and related consumables for hire. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff have worked hard since 2003 for us to become the premier supplier of affordable, superior hire equipment.

By partnering with us, we can provide the best solutions for any construction, building or DIY project. So, regardless of your project, contact us at one of our 120 outlets nationwide if you need equipment hire. Or simply hop online, register, purchase and we will deliver it to you.

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