What Equipment Can You Expect from Plant Hire Services in South Africa?

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What Equipment Can You Expect from Plant Hire Services in South Africa?

The outright purchasing of heavy plant equipment and machines would be expensive for any company these days. It is because of this that many South African businesses choose the next best alternative – working with professional plant hire services. These services offer companies all the equipment and machines that they will need to take care of their contracts and meet all their demands.

A plant hire company will make available all the heavy equipment and machinery needed to perform hundreds of important tasks on site. It offers companies access to the very latest and most cutting edge equipment and technology in an affordable and accessible way. Thanks to its inherent flexibility, you can access the equipment for as long as you need it, and only pay for the time that you use the machinery.

Forklifts and Other Heavy Lifting Equipment from Plant Hire Services

One of the most popular pieces of equipment you will find from plant hire services is the forklift. Forklifts are used to lift heavy crates and other parcels, both indoors and outdoors. It is frequently used in warehouses and depots. Many companies are unable to meet the demands and challenges of their business and operational processes without this heavy lifting equipment.

An excavator, also referred to as a digger, is another piece of valuable equipment that can be sourced through plant hire services. This piece of equipment is used to dig holes and trenches, and can also perform earthmoving services in just about any working condition. Excavators use buckets to dig and booms to reach far distances, where the earth can be loaded and moved.

South Africa has unfortunately become known for its erratic electricity supply in recent years. This is why more and more companies turn to plant hire services in search of quality, reliable and affordable generators. When broken and erratic electricity supply is not an option, these electricity generators become an important tool for many companies to continue delivering their services.

Many companies opt for using plant hire services in order to access the technology and machinery they need to meet the demands of their industry. Where companies would be unable to benefit from the technology of specific heavy equipment because they could not afford a new unit, plant hire services offer them the chance to use the technology in their business and grow their enterprise because of it, without breaking the bank.

Affordable and Leading Plant Hire Services from Coastal Hire

Since 1994, Coastal Hire has been supplying South African businesses with the very best quality plant hire services available on the market. We always go the extra mile to provide our valued clients with the very best value for money. Our team of logistical experts will deliver and pick up all the equipment and machinery you need to your site. This will further help you to only concentrate on the job at hand and leave the logistics to us.

Our vision has always been to remain the premier brand in the tool hire industry in South Africa. This is achieved through providing superior customer service and a wide range of quality and serviced equipment. We are proud of our long service history and look to the future with renewed commitment to achieving all of our goals.

Coastal Hire’s plant hire services cater for the needs of the market on a local, regional and national level. To learn more about our services and to find out how partnering with us can help your business to grow, simply contact our team at Coastal Hire today.

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