Gauteng Golf Day 4 October 2012

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Gauteng Golf Day 4 October 2012

The Gauteng Golf day

What is there to say it was a great day for all of the players that played and everyone was having fun there was some people who had to walk the golf course but still kept on playing and finished the day in style.

Just also want to say thanks to all the suppliers who helped with prizes and to the customers who had played for Coastal that could not play on the day thanks to all of you

Then also Thanks to John,David and Terence who helped to get the final arrangements ready and helping set up on the day.

Thanks also to Lezette for helping with the payments that everything was paid on time

Then also to Irene Golf Club and The Caddys thanks for all you help and support on the day

It was a hot and wonderful day. Go Coastal !

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