Coastal Hire invests in 100 futures

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Coastal Hire invests in 100 futures

In celebration of it’s 100th branch, Coastal Hire has partnered with Solidarity Helping Hand’s School Bag Project and will be sponsoring 100 school cases for Grade 1 children starting school in 2017.

The School Bag Project is a national project that has distributed 30 000+ school bags to needy grade one pupils since the project’s inception in 2007. The project plays a vital role in the lives of needy grade ones because thanks to a school bag such as this, they are able to start their school career on an equal footing with their class mates.

According to Helping Hand Executive Director Dr Danie Brink, the organisation believes poverty can be addressed by investing in education, and it starts by creating a sense of hope among the Grade Ones that comes with receiving the school utensils they need to have.

“Children are the bank where we invest our money,” Dr Brink told the learners. “Their successful future as doctors, teachers and rugby players is the interest we earn on our investment.

“Like us, Coastal Hire is investing in the future of our children. We thank them for it. It is very evident that Coastal Hire is also a very successful company, with their 100th branch and 21 years of service.”

According to Coastal Hire they strive to maintain uncompromisingly high standards by providing competent, knowledgeable staff, outstanding service, fair pricing and a good range of equipment at all times combined with state-of-the-art IT systems.

To get involved with the project SMS the word “Tassie” to 38969. SMS costs R10.

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