Project Efficiency with Compaction Equipment for Rental

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Project Efficiency with Compaction Equipment for Rental

Maximising Your Project Efficiency with Compaction Equipment for Rental

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Compacting surfaces are vital elements in many building projects, and contractors often consider compaction equipment for rental to be a viable solution. Not every construction project will need earth compressing. So, for a small to medium construction business or a once-off DIY project, investing in these types of construction equipment is not cost-efficient and compacting the earth by hand frequently does not accomplish the desired results. Therefore, compaction equipment hire is an avenue that many explore.

At Coastal Hire, we have an extensive selection of earth compaction equipment for rental purposes. Many companies and individuals across the nation and southern Africa have taken advantage of this convenience to maximise project efficiency and save time and money.

What is Compaction Equipment?

At the start of many building projects, the ground is often disturbed, requiring water, air and spaces between the surfaces to be flattened and smoothed. The construction worker needs to compact the earth, building rubble, soil, and other materials to have a flat area upon which to work. Utilising compaction equipment increases the soil density, which, in turn, increases the load-bearing strength.

This process increases the resilience of the compacted surface, providing stability and support to surfaces or structures that are bedded or built on top of it. Compaction equipment is machines that sufficiently compact and compress the working surface. This reduces the surface’s compressibility and permeability, making it stronger and less permeable to water and other liquids.

Why is It Important to Use Compaction Equipment?

Most construction projects are built to last decades, and structural integrity begins from the ground up. If the base area is not sufficiently compacted, the result may be catastrophic. Insufficient compaction at this level could result in earth movement and water entering. Water erosion could cause further movement and, subsequently, it could cause damage to the sub-structural infrastructure like electricity cables, plumbing and sewage pipes. It could even lead to a complete surface structural collapse.

Why Consider Compaction Equipment Hire?

To effectively and efficiently compact the work area, contractors might consider compaction equipment for rental. These machines are vital but are difficult to own and maintain as they are heavy and difficult to transport, bulky to store and expensive to purchase.

Some compacting equipment uses weight and static pressure to compact the surface, sometimes in conjunction with vibration, while others might use repetitive impact to achieve this goal. Some are hand-held ramming (or stamping) machines, while others are walk-along plate compactors or pedestrian rollers. There are also ride-on roller machines.

Each machine has its place and function on a construction site, and it is not always practical or affordable to purchase one of each type. Therefore, compaction equipment for rental is a cost-effective solution when one specific or multiple different machines are necessary. Indeed, it is the most convenient solution.

Why Choose Coastal Hire for All Your Construction Equipment?

At Coastal Hire, we offer a full portfolio of quality construction equipment, including compaction equipment for hire. With over 100 stores throughout southern Africa, our buying power puts us in a position to rent out our equipment at competitive rates. Cut labour costs, save money and maximise the efficiency of your next project by visiting any one of our outlets for qualified advice, knowledgeable recommendations and professional, friendly service. Or simply assess our quality products, shop and ask for a quote online.

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