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Find A Compressor for Hire

Where to Find a Compressor for Hire Near You

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Compressed air, if used correctly, is one of the most effective aids for any handyman, mechanic, engineer or construction contractor. That is why professionals and amateur DIYers alike need a compressor for hire to accomplish otherwise difficult tasks.

The bulky dimensions of the machine, the lengths of the high-pressure rubber hosing and the plethora of accessories that can be attached to them make them cumbersome to store when not in use, especially in smaller workshops or building sites without weather-protected storage rooms. However, when high-pressure air is needed in a hurry, the state-of-the-art equipment offered by Coastal Hire is welcomed by all that need a compressor for hire.

Examples of the Various Applications of a Compressor for Hire

From drilling through rocks, breaking concrete walls, digging up damaged asphalt and loosening tightened bolts to delicately spray painting art onto walls and vehicles, or even cleaning wood chips from the workshop floor, air pressure can be used in many different ways. In fact, many industries frequently use a compressor for hire to perform a range of important functions, for example:

  • Construction sites might choose to use compressed air for rock drills, air grinders and paving breakers. While electrically powered compressors can efficiently and effectively perform these duties, a fuel-driven compressor for hire, such as our 190CFM Diesel-powered pneumatic air compressor is essential to power equipment on remote building sites or during harsh load-shedding schedules.

Electrical air compressors can perform on remote sites and during load-shedding, however, you might want to consider a renting generator with sufficient KVA generation to power the machine during these times, like our 7KVA, petrol-driven 220V generator with 2 x 15 Amp plug-in sockets.

  • Car repair workshops use compressed air to re-pressurise repaired tyres, loosen torque-tightened nuts and bolts and operate other air-powered equipment.
  • A spray-painting operation might make use of a compressor to hire for various painting applications, from spray painting a vehicle to decorating the finished product with fine graphic artistry.
  • Carpenters will not only use these versatile machines to blow wood chips, sawdust and other dirt out of their workshops but also to spray various varnishes onto their products for the perfect professional, satin-laced finish. This can be achieved with our low-pressure spray gun (operational between 2.5 and 3.5 Bar pressure), in tandem with our 100L air compressor.

Where Quality and Cost-Efficiency Meet

Some outfits may feel that purchasing a second-hand compressor is a better option than looking for a compressor for hire, since rental prices may vary greatly from one supplier to another. And, at times, they are not wrong. However, there are rental companies that offer top-quality machinery at cost-effective prices so that you can get the job done right the first time, every time!

Compressor Hire Near Me that Offers the Best Value for Money

With 120 outlets throughout southern Africa, you won’t have to look far for a Coastal Hire outlet near you. Our top-quality construction and industrial equipment, our passion for perfection and our excellent customer service have elevated us to No.1 in our industry. Get it right the first time. Contact a Coastal branch near you for the most competitive prices and great value for money. Our qualified, friendly team is waiting for your call.

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