Why Partner with Coastal Hire for Equipment Hire in South Africa?

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Why Partner with Coastal Hire for Equipment Hire in South Africa?

Coastal Hire has been hard at work for many years securing our industry leading status in the equipment hire sector in South Africa. For many years we have been leading the way in the industry and we continue to work hard to offer our valued clients only the best value for their money.

Since 1994, our commitment to excellence has helped us to lead the equipment hire industry in South Africa in excellence. Since our trailblazing formative years we have continued to set the bar for the industry ever since. The first Coastal Hire franchise introduced a novel concept to South Africa and since then we have become a household name throughout the country. Many copycat businesses have come and gone since, but we have remained as the original and leading trendsetter in the industry.

As the years passed our commitment to delivering only the very best quality value-adding products have remained steadfast. It’s because of this commitment to excellence that we continue to enlarge our market reach and help many other companies effectively take care of all their commitments by making available affordable equipment hire in South Africa.

The Coastal Hire Difference

So why should you opt for equipment hire in South Africa from Coastal Hire? There are so many reasons why a partnership with Coastal Hire will be beneficial to your business. Here are only a few of the many reasons:

  • We are nationally represented, with more than 70 stores nationwide and in and around the southern Africa region.
  • Our stores will collect and deliver all tools and equipment to your site, removing the logistical stress from your shoulders.
  • Coastal Hire is proud to make available only the very best and most cutting edge equipment and tool hire services available on the market.
  • Seasoned professionals with a platform of more than two decades’ business experience; and
  • Coastal Hire is proud to remain the provider of choice for small to large construction companies, contractors and other professionals around the country and region.

It’s because of these, among many other reasons why we remain one of the leading suppliers of affordable and reliable equipment hire in South Africa. Each of our stores is owner-managed, which means that you are sure to enjoy the personal touch of hands-on management when dealing with Coastal Hire. We also make sure that all of our tools and equipment are fully serviced after each use. This will ensure that you receive only the best quality equipment and tools to use and will prevent downtime from dealing with broken equipment.

We take pride and joy in offering inventive solutions for challenges and demands of the industry. Through our two decades’ experience in the industry we have come to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges faced by our valued clients. It’s because of this deeper insight into the industry that we are able to tailor our offering and approaches to ensure that you receive only the best services and products available today.

Whether you require plant hire, electrical tools, breaking and drilling equipment or water pumps and generators, our equipment hire services in South Africa will add value to your business and help you to grow your company to the level that it needs to achieve. We are confident that a partnership with Coastal Hire will be mutually beneficial and will benefit your business.

To learn more about our value-adding products and services and to benefit from our affordable equipment hire solutions in South Africa, contact Coastal Hire and make a wise business decision today.


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