What Types of Heavy Equipment Is Supplied with Plant Hire?

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What Types of Heavy Equipment Is Supplied with Plant Hire?

For many South African companies, purchasing heavy equipment and machinery outright is not an option. There are various reasons for this – from the company not having the capital for this to not having a constant need for this type of heavy machinery. Whatever the case might be, there are times when these businesses will need to access heavy earth moving equipment on a project-by-project basis and purchasing it isn’t possible. This is where plant hire services become of value.

With plant hire, companies can access the earth moving equipment they need to in order for them to see through a project to the end without breaking their budget in buying all the machinery they’d need to achieve that. It’s also because of services like these that many companies are able to operate in South Africa today. Plant hire companies make available an extensive range of equipment and machinery that can perform many different functions and add value to companies operating in many different sectors of the economy. Here are some of the machines that you can expect from a plant hire provider.

Forklifts and Other Heavy Lifting Equipment

Forklift trucks are used for lifting heavy packages and crates. These machines are frequently used by depots and warehouses in order for them to manage their stock and inventory effectively. This lifting equipment can move objects on top of pallets and move them around with relative ease. Whenever you require an extra forklift turning to plant hire providers in South Africa is a great option.

An excavator is another popular piece of equipment made available with plant hire. Its purpose is to dig holes and trenches and can perform earthmoving duties in just about any working condition. Excavators make use of buckets to dig and booms to reach fair distances where earth is loaded and moved. When choosing the type of excavator to work with, keeping the bucket size in mind is important to making sure you choose the correct machine to work with.

What to Look for in Your Plant Hire Supplier

At Coastal Hire we make available only the very best plant hire services and machinery to our valued clients. Our seasoned staff is at hand to provide their knowledge and expertise as a guide to our clients when choosing which equipment to hire.

We work hard to make the Coastal Hire proposition an appealing one, and when you partner with us, you’ll receive the following:

  • Knowledge and Experience: We have the experienced staff and the know-how to make sure that you get the right piece of equipment every time. Trying to use the wrong equipment for the job can just end up costing you a lot of money and wasted time, delaying your project and losing client goodwill in the end. You won’t have to pay for plant hire equipment that you don’t need or lose time trying to work with inappropriate equipment.
  • Logistics: We have depots and branches around the country. Our affordable plant hire rates mean you won’t have to incur any excessive delivery and collection charges and we deliver straight to your site and collect our equipment again. This removes the onus completely from our valued clients.
  • Breadth of stock: We have quality stock from leading brands in the plant hire industry that we make available at exceptionally affordable rates.

It’s clear to see that when you are looking for a plant hire company to partner with for your business, that Coastal Hire is the ideal company to do just that! Contact Coastal Hire to learn how we can add value to your business.


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