The Many Reasons Why It Pays to Invest in Generator Hire

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The Many Reasons Why It Pays to Invest in Generator Hire

It’s unfortunate that South Africa has a rocky history when it comes to consistent power supply. However, instead of living in hope that a power failure or load shedding won’t affect your company in future, it’s the responsible thing to do to have measures in place that will safeguard you against the devastation and havoc that a cut in power can cause your business.

For many modern day South African companies, the need to keep overheads at a low is a priority. At times this can mean owning, instead of renting, essential equipment and machinery that you often need to make use of. However, there are exceptions to this. With generators, for instance, there are numerous advantages to making use of generator hire instead of outright purchasing one for your business. There are many instances in which generator hire can end up being more cost-effective than owning one outright.

The reason for this is because purchasing a generator will require a rather large capital outlay from the company – one that will remain on your company’s balance sheet for a while. When you make use of generator hire you only pay for when you need it.

Incredible Flexibility of Generator Hire and Maintenance

When making use of generator hire you will enjoy far greater flexibility. When your business grows and you receive more contracts, you can easily increase your generator hire contracts. However if your business enters a slow season during the year – such as over the festive season – you can make arrangement with your hire company to allow for this change in demand.

Keep in mind that if you do decide to purchase rather than hire, the initial capital outlay won’t be your only cost. Instead, your company will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair costs of the generator. This can quickly become a logistical annoyance and unforeseen expense. In contrast, when using a hiring service the service company will be responsible for seeing to the maintenance and upkeep of the unit. This means that you can continue with the important income-generating tasks of running your business and let the hire company make sure that all your generators are in top working condition.

Affordable Generator Hire from Coastal Hire

At Coastal Hire we always work hard to provide our valued clients with only the very best quality machinery and equipment. Our generator hire services are developed to make available flexible solutions for your company that will add value to it and help it to grow. We make available the very best brands and equipment available on the market and will take care of transporting it to and from your site.

Some of the generator units we have for hire include:

  • Generator 10 KVA GX610
  • Generator 5 KVA GX390
  • TM Welder Generator 180 AMP/4.2KVA 60% Duty Cycle
  • TM Welder Generator 180 AMP/7KVA 60% Duty Cycle

Our expertise in the industry has helped us to secure the very best and most reliable solutions that our clients can access instantly. Coastal Hire’s value proposition is that you can access the equipment and machinery when you need it, for however long you need it at incredibly affordable and accessible prices.

The seasoned team behind Coastal Hire will provide you with all the information you need to make a fully informed decision regarding all your generator hire needs and will work with you to make sure we meet all your expectations and demands.

Contact Coastal Hire to learn how your business will benefit from partnering with us for generator hire in South Africa.


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