Making Scaffolding Hire a Success

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Making Scaffolding Hire a Success

Scaffolding hire is different to other equipment and tool hire in that it places a lot of emphasis on safety. This is why you should always only hire scaffolding from a professional, legitimate and recognised scaffolding company with a solid reputation in the industry. Many companies identify the great benefits of partnering with a scaffolding hire company rather than to invest in the scaffolding on their own and take responsibility and ownership of making sure that the equipment is kept in good working condition.

Scaffolding affords construction workers the support needed for them to safely and timeously complete their contracts and jobs. It assists them in complementing work above the ground safely and quickly. There are different chief types of scaffolding constructions. It can come in suspended, aerial or supported constructions. Aside from the difference in appearance, each also features different purposes too. However, each type generally has at least one thing in common – they are all made out of aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight which makes it great for portability and transportation, but it is also solid and secure.

Suspended Scaffolding Constructions

As the name suggests, suspended scaffolding is suspended by rope from the roof of a building or house. It is operated by using pulleys, switches and levers. These features will allow the construction worker to effective manoeuvre the total height of the building for easy access of the vertical surface.

Support scaffolding has a firm foundation that is situated on the ground and is to be built on whenever extra height is needed. When erected on site, you will normally see these types of frames constructed of poles and lumbers. A ladder will be used by construction workers to reach the platform’s middle length. This is one of the most popular scaffolding hire systems in demand by companies in South Africa.

It is greatly mobile and very effective in reaching the vertical surfaces of the building with the help of attached wheels. Whenever workers need to transfer or lift their scaffolding in another height or location, an aerial scaffolding setup becomes of value. These systems are mounted devices which has the ability to be carried to the required elevation. Keep in mind that there are certain materials which will need to be installed in the aerial lifts so as to support the movement more safely. These added materials are known as shackles which are very effective in preventing the scaffolding from accidentally dismantling from the actual hook that carries the lift.

Affordable Scaffolding Hire from Coastal Hire

If you are looking for affordable and reliable scaffolding hire in South Africa, then look no further than Coastal Hire. For many years we have been hard at work providing South Africa with affordable and quality scaffolding setups and helping our clients to grow their businesses.

With more than two decades’ experience under our belt, we bring our wealth of industry experience and knowledge to the table to the benefit of our valued clients. We are passionate about providing a value-adding service that will help you to take your business to the next level.

At present we have more than 70 stores located throughout South Africa and the southern African region. This ensures that wherever you are located, you will be able to access affordable scaffolding hire from the industry leader. Fair pricing, outstanding service and the best range of quality equipment and setups is what you can expect when dealing with a Coastal Hire store near you.

To find out how our excellent scaffolding hire services can help you to grow your business, contact Coastal Hire today.


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