How Hiring Breaking and Drilling Equipment can Grow Your Business

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How Hiring Breaking and Drilling Equipment can Grow Your Business

The construction industry has slowly emerged from the ashes of the worldwide recession at the end of the previous decade. With new projects booming and the construction industry rearing to go again, a greater need for breaking and drilling tool hire is also emerging.

Many companies, however, are still sceptical about how hire equipment can help them to grow their companies. You only need to give a little consideration to all the benefits that this can offer a construction company and you will already become aware of the many ways hiring equipment will help your company.

At Coastal Hire we have worked hard to become one of the premier suppliers of affordable and cutting edge hire equipment in South Africa. We stock an extensive range of affordable and state-of-the-art tools and equipment that will add tangible value to your company. These include:

  • Electrical tools
  • Breaking and drilling equipment
  • Compaction and concrete
  • Generators and welding
  • Water pumps
  • Tiling

In particular we make available well-known brand name breaking and drilling equipment that will help any construction company to deliver their projects on time. We realise that time is money and in the construction industry in particular, the smallest delay can lead to huge losses in productivity and profits.

This is why we only make available the best quality breaking and drilling equipment for hire. All our equipment is kept in pristine condition thanks to our commitment to stay on top of its maintenance. In this way you know that all the equipment you hire from Coastal Hire will always perform at its peak and give you the very best value for money and reliable service.

Some of the advanced breaking and drilling equipment you can expect from Coastal Hire include:

  • Bosch Electric Chipper
  • Bosch Industrial Impact Drill
  • Bosch Large or Medium Electric Breaker
  • Bosch Rotary Hammer Drills 32mm SDS Plus
  • Bosch Rotary Hammer Drills 40mm SDS MAX
  • Bosch Rotary Hammer Drills 50mm SDS MAX

By partnering with Coastal Hire for all your equipment hire requirements, you will receive a partner in your company. We are vested in the success of our clients and will continually work with you to ensure that you receive the very best value for your money and enjoy all the benefits of our equipment hiring service.

Instead of spending a lot of capital on buying all of this breaking and drilling equipment outright, you can access the very latest technology at the most competitive rates. Many times our customers also only require the equipment and tools for a once-off job or a temporary project. Once again it wouldn’t make much sense to spend the money needed to buy this equipment when you only need it for a temporary time.

For all of these and many other needs, Coastal Hire will help you to enjoy the many benefits that partnering with an industry equipment hire company offers. Through our many years’ experience in the industry we have gained a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and have devised many industry leading solutions to meet these demands.

Our team continues to work hard to offer great value to our customers and make sure they get the most benefit out of their hired equipment. If you would like to learn more about our great services, as well as to find out how we can help your company to grow through our equipment hire offerings, contact Coastal Hire today. We are waiting to advise you on the best solutions for your company’s needs and requirements.


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