Getting the Most Value from Your Plant Hire Company

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Getting the Most Value from Your Plant Hire Company

There are many plant hire companies in South Africa looking to profit from the lucrative industry that plant hire has evolved into over the years. But how many of those companies are really in it for the long haul, and who is really interested in offer true value-for-money and tangible value to their customers? These questions make choosing your plant hire company a bit more difficult, when you get past all the marketing hoopla and truly investigate what you will receive for your money and loyalty.

So, let us look at ways you can get more from your plant hire company and how to choose which company to partner with. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Logistics: Does your plant hire company offer to deliver and collect the equipment to you on site? Or do you have to take care of the logistics yourself? This is an obvious big point to consider. At times the plant equipment you will need might be big awkward to transport and if you are tasked with that responsibility, it can add to your overhead and distract you from your project – both of which is the last thing any foreman can afford.
  • Reliable equipment: Downtime not only costs you valuable site time, but it can also cost you your clients’ goodwill. It won’t matter why you are behind project deadline; the only thing your client will see is that you are not meeting the milestones. One of the best ways to guarantee falling behind schedule is because of unplanned downtime due to equipment and tool failure. Does your plant hire company offer serviced, reliable and quality tools and equipment?
  • Industry expertise and national representation: Partnering with a plant hire company with a national footprint means that you are dealing with an industry leading company that has the resources and expertise to help you access the equipment you need.

These are only a few aspects to keep in mind when looking for a plant hire company to partner with. Coastal Hire checks each of these boxes, offering our clients a reliable delivery and pickup service of all our equipment and tools. All our tools and equipment are also fully serviced after each contract, which ensures that you will receive the best quality equipment in a great condition every time. We also have more than 70 stores nationwide, which means that you can get the plant equipment you need, wherever you need it.

Our teams of seasoned industry experts are always at hand to provide our customers with all the advice, knowledge and expertise they will need to benefit from expert plant hire. We always work hard to go the extra mile to help our customers enjoy all the benefits that come with partnering with Coastal Hire.

We are passionate about our industry and our customers and will continue to lead the industry in excellence. Because of our national presence and large buying power we are able to make available our tools and plant hire equipment at incredibly competitive rates. This is just another reason why it pays to partner with one of the leading plant hire companies in South Africa.

Our vision has always been to be the premier brand in the tool and plant hire industry in South Africa and to provide superior customer service to our valued customers. Since 1994 we have been working hard to achieve this and also raise the bar even further. To learn more about the many reasons why it makes sense to partner with Coastal Hire for affordable plant hire, contact our dedicated team of seasoned professionals at any of our national branches throughout South Africa.


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