Getting the Best Deal on Rates for Excavator Hire in South Africa

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Getting the Best Deal on Rates for Excavator Hire in South Africa

The construction industry in South Africa is one of the country’s most important sectors. The industry’s work is heavy and time consuming, and requires knowledge and expertise. The industry also needs precisely designed heavy equipment such as excavators. The equipment used in the construction industry is large or even massive, and are built to excavate huge sections of the earth, in order to set foundations and to make sure that structures are able to withstand all the stresses placed on it by outside factors.

Machines and equipment used include massive excavators, graders, bulldozers and backhoe loaders, among others. Each piece of equipment performs specific functions. Heavy equipment is expensive and not worth purchasing outright unless it will be used frequently. It is because of this that many companies choose to search for the best excavator hire rates. If you are in need of large construction equipment but your business is unable to purchase it outright, or it will not make fiscal sense to invest in these machines, you should consider renting this equipment from a company that can provide you with affordable rates.

Before deciding on which equipment to hire, it is best to first decide on the requirements of your project and assess your budget. This will put you in a better position to make an informed decision with regards to which equipment to hire. Certain projects can make identifying the best equipment for the job more difficult. In this case, discussing your specifications and requirements with a leading equipment hire company in South Africa, will help to make your decisions far easier.

Get the Best Possible Rates for Excavator Hire from Coastal Hire

Coastal Hire is a leading supplier of affordable breaking and drilling equipment hire in South Africa. Our mission has always been to remain the premier brand in the tool hire industry, by offering our customers superior service and an extensive range of well-maintained equipment. We are able to provide affordable rates because of our industry leading status. Our large buying power also makes it possible to carry over incredible savings directly to our customers, further making our services even more competitive.

We supply our well-preserved equipment of excellent quality to customers on a local, regional and national level. Our team is dedicated to presenting uncompromising high standards. If you are unsure about what equipment you will need to execute a particular job, then speak to our competent and knowledgeable staff, who will work with you to present you with a solution for all your equipment hire requirements.

You will always receive outstanding service, fair pricing and a great range of equipment from Coastal Hire. By offering our clients these uncompromising services and solutions, we will continue to grow our market share with strong supplier, customer and staff relationships.

What Equipment is Available from Coastal Hire?

Aside from expecting affordable and competitive excavator hire rates from Coastal Hire, we also offer an extensive selection of other quality maintained equipment and tools. Here are only a few of the tools you can expect from Coastal Hire:

  • Breaking and Drilling Equipment: Electric chippers, industrial impact drills, electric breakers and rotary hammers, among others.
  • Compaction and Concrete Equipment: Mechanical pokers, concrete mixers and drive units.

We will deliver and collect all equipment and tools from your site, so that you will not have to worry about the hassle of logistics at all. With more than 70 franchises across the country, you are sure to find a Coastal Hire franchise near you. Contact us to learn more about our services and to find affordable excavator hire rates in your area today.


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