Don’t Let Shoddy Electricity Supply Compromise Your Operations Again

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Don’t Let Shoddy Electricity Supply Compromise Your Operations Again

2008 and 2009 saw South Africa in a crisis – sporadic electricity supply and load shedding posed a severe threat and headache to industrial and retail companies, as well as the mining sector and other important sectors of the South African economy. Even though it has become better in 2014, there are still far too many instances of blackouts being reported throughout South Africa that can range from a few days to weeks on end. No business can suffer through the uncertainty of wondering when their business will be subjected to unstable electricity supply.

It’s because of this, among other reasons too, that you need to have a supplier of affordable generators for hire in mind. By knowing who to turn to when needed, you won’t have any problems finding affordable and reliable generators for hire when you need them.

On the other hand, you don’t simply have to make use of generator hire during an emergency. If you have operations at plants or other remote locations where a reliable electricity supply is needed, then this is a great and affordable option. You can take electricity to remote areas where tools and equipment can access electricity and perform its duties with ease. It is only one of the many benefits of making use of this service for your business.

Why opt for Coastal Hire for generator hire?

In 1994, Coastal Hire introduced a unique business concept to South Africa. Since then, many competitors tried to enter the arena and give us a run for our money, but time and again Coastal Hire has proven that we are the original industry leader in affordable tools and generators for hire. Our established brand and infrastructure allows us to offer our products and services at the most competitive prices.

We have established logistical expertise which allows us to take care of the delivery and pickup of all our equipment and machinery to and from the sites of our customers. This means that when you partner with Coastal Hire for affordable generators for hire, you don’t need to stress about getting the generators to your site, because we’ll take care of it and allow you to concentrate on getting your project done on time.

This is just one of the reasons why you should partner with Coastal Hire. Another reason would be to take advantage of our incredibly competitive rates. The reason we are able to offer our services and products at such affordable rates is because of our large buying power. This, coupled with our large industry presence, makes it possible to offer our customers the very best value for their money.

Our flexible rental contracts also help to provide you with the products and services you need, when you need them for however long you need them. You won’t have to lock yourself into an expensive contract and sit with equipment you don’t need. We will tailor the rental contract to your exact needs and provide you with an industry leading solution for all your needs.

If you are in need of reliable and inexpensive generators for hire, and looking for a company to partner with that is as vested in your success as you are, then contact Coastal Hire today. With more than 70 stores around South Africa, you are sure to find a branch in your area to meet all your needs. Our passionate franchisees are at hand to offer you all the advice you’ll need to make a fully informed decision regarding which unit to rent and offer you a complete solution for all your generator requirements.


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