Choosing the Right Attachments for Your Excavator Hire

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Choosing the Right Attachments for Your Excavator Hire

Excavator hire has in recent years grown to become incredibly popular in South Africa. Excavators are versatile equipment that is used in various applications. Aside from excavating or digging, it can also be used to demolish walls, drain mud from pools and pits, lift unwieldy objects and drill holes, or even break rocks. In order to achieve each of these tasks, a special attachment to the machine is required.

When you make use of excavator hire for your company, you will also need to decide on which attachments to hire along with it. Knowing what you may need in advance will help you to maximise the use of the machine and reduce the time you need to hire the equipment for the job. Hiring the right attachment might even reduce the time you need to rent the machine, by helping to make the work go faster.

Different Attachments for the Modern Excavator

Many modern excavators feature a quick coupler. This makes fitting the attachment to the machine a simple and effortless task. There are various different attachments, all of which are perfectly suited for specific applications.

Some of the attachments that you will need to choose from include:

  • Bulldozer blades: These horizontal bulldozer-style attachments are used to push and level materials. Examples of this, includes spreading a heap of earth evenly throughout a surface, or pushing removed earth back into a hole.
  • Hydraulic breakers or hammers: Breakers are percussion hammers used in demolishing walls and other structures. Should you need to dig through rocky bedrock, you will have to fit a breaker to your excavator so that it can effectively break through the rocks.
  • Augurs: This drilling attachment extracts the drilled material as it drills. It is particularly useful for sinking holes of small diameter, where it would not make sense to remove earth with buckets.

Another popular excavator attachment is the thumbs and grapples. Thumbs enable the excavator to hold, manoeuvre or lift an object. It is used in lifting logs or other forms of debris from worksites. Depending on what your excavator requirements are, you will have to decide in advance which attachments you will need to get the job done.

Affordable and Convenient Excavator Hire from Coastal Hire

If you are looking for a leading supplier of excavator hire in South Africa, then look no further than Coastal Hire. Since 1994, we have been supplying South Africans with affordable and excellent quality plant hire equipment and excavators. Our machines and equipment are expertly maintained and you can rest assured that each time you hire equipment and tools from Coastal Hire, you will only receive the best quality equipment available.

We are proud of our long history of service and continue to set the bar in our industry. Regardless of your requirements or needs, we have the industry leading solutions to help you achieve them. We will deliver and collect all equipment and machines to and from your site, allowing you to concentrate on the job at hand.

With more than 70 franchises throughout South Africa, you will be sure to find a Coastal Hire franchise nearby who can meet your needs. We have a full complement of the latest tools and plant hire equipment you may need to see any job through.

Coastal Hire also rents out equipment and tools to the DIY enthusiast. Our team is passionate about our industry and will provide you with all the advice that you will need to make an informed decision about which tools and equipment to hire from us. Contact Coastal Hire to learn more about our affordable excavator solutions.


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