Air Tool Hire – Basic Guidelines

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Air Tool Hire – Basic Guidelines

Boost Your Income as a Contractor with Air Tool Hire – Basic Guidelines

Many building contractors turn business away simply because they do not own the equipment to successfully complete a contract without considering air tool hire options. Renting a suitable, high-quality compressor and using air tools on building sites have several advantages. Not only can you improve your turnover by accepting these building contracts, but you can save on labour costs, in turn, improving your profit margins on projects that you would normally have referred to another, more equipped contractor.

Simply by hiring a compressor for your next project, whether it is fuel driven or electrically powered, you can power almost any air equipment you might need. The pioneers in equipment rentals at Coastal Hire have many available air tools for hire. Just by choosing to rent an air compressor and a few basic air tool hire accessories, you might be able to enhance your income by offering a range of additional services.

Air Tool Hire and Expanding Your Services as a Professional

Since 1994, we at Coastal Hire have forged great relationships with our recurring community of contractors that temporarily need our top-quality, cost-effective, modern building equipment solutions, and rely on our qualified advice, educated recommendations and excellent service to successfully boost their businesses. Air tool hire has been able to assist many of our discerning customers to expand their services:

  1. The 190CFM diesel-driven air compressor allows you to break pavements, dredge up old asphalt, break rock to lay foundations, run air grinders for electricity channels fit steel in concrete floors and ceilings, and easily break through brick walls to create open-plan living areas in homes. With this fuel-driven air compressor, you can work on remote sites and be able to conquer restrictive load-shedding schedules.

While utilising this rental, you might consider the 35kg, hand-held pneumatic paving breaker. This machine can be used in various ways, like general demolition of medium and hard materials. Together with the breaker’s moil and chisel bits or the more robust rock drill bit, you should be able to complete projects in record time.

  • Not all types of air tools for hire are meant for breaking hard objects and surfaces. There are also times when skill and finesse are required. These tasks may include spraying wooden cabinetry in kitchens and bedrooms with satin varnish finishes or tightening nuts and bolts during the construction process. For this, you might require our 100L electric air compressor, with either high-pressure or low-pressure spray guns.

Regardless of how you can expand your service offering as a contractor using air tool hire as your catalyst, never forget to have sufficient, high-pressure gauge air compressor pipes to safely complete the project, and always remember to use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

A Winning Formula for Your Winning Team

With over 120 stores throughout the nation and a formidable footprint in southern Africa, there are few locations that Coastal Hire doesn’t serve. For 30 years, we have been proud to be of service to growing businesses, assisting them in boosting their bottom-line profits by offering the best possible building and industrial equipment for hire at affordable prices. If you are looking to grow your business and increase profitability by cutting costs, contact your local Coastal Hire outlet to learn more about our offerings today.

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