Coastalhire Branches

North Riding

North Riding
Contact PersonPeter Holliday and Alwyn Jordaan
Phone(011) 708-3233 , (082) 552-0136 and (083) 325-7113
Emailnorthriding [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za , coastal [at] nashuaisp [dot] co [dot] za and demeter [at] global [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(011) 708-3771
AddressUnit 2, Stand 195, Hyskraan Close, Kya Sands
Postal AddressPO Box 2456, Northcliff, 2115
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Contact PersonJaco van der Westhuizen
Emailsalesong [at] coastalhirenam [dot] com
AddressDr. Sam Nujoma Street
Postal AddressP.O. Box 6067 Windhoek
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Contact PersonCarl Honicke and Nellie
Phone(021) 862-0341 , (082) 634-8444 and (082) 579-0550
EmailPaarloffice [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za and paarl [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(021) 862-0363
Address29 Kaplan Street Hugenot Paarl 7646
Postal AddressPO Box 2832, Paarl, 7620
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Contact PersonMichelle Roos and Etiaan Roos
Phone(056) 811-4636 , (082) 550-1278 and (082) 481-2733
Emailparys [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(056) 811-4636
Address28 Re-Unie Street, Parys
Postal AddressPO Box 301, Parys, 9585


Contact PersonWarren and Ian
Phone+258-842281032 and +258-841027898
Emailwarren [dot] pemba [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za and ian [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za
AddressBairro Muxara Estrada Nacional 106 Pemba


Contact PersonPiet Du Toit and Adelle du Toit
Phone(015) 781-6067 , (082) 776-3668 and (084) 838-1771
Emailphalaborwa [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(015) 781-6065
AddressEssenhout Street, Phalaborwa
Postal AddressPO Box 1606, Phalaborwa, 1390
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Coastal Hire Pietermaritzburg
Contact PersonFrank Currie
Phone(033) 342-3393 and (078) 456-9889
Emailfrank [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(033) 342-6629 and (086) 618-9348
Address97 Victoria Road, Pietermartizburg
Postal Address Private Bag X9118, Postnet 43, Pmb, 3200
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Contact PersonPeter Morgan-Edwards and Lance Morgan-Edwards
Phone(031) 702-3506 , (083) 397-4232 and (083) 382-7245
Emailpinetown [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za and peterme [at] iafrica [dot] com
Fax(031) 702-7190
Address109 Josiah Gumede Rd, Pinetown
Postal AddressPO Box 1802, Pinetown, 3600
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Plettenberg Bay

Contact PersonKoos de Bruyn
Phone(044) 533-2205 and (082) 800-5265
Emailplettenbergbay [at] coastalhire [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(044) 533-6139
AddressPiesang Vallei Road, Plettenberg Bay
Postal AddressPO Box 2106, Plettenberg Bay, 6600
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Polokwane – Pietersburg

Polokwane – Pietersburg
Contact PersonCliff and Suliman Tayob
Phone(015) 291-4142 , (015) 291-1130 , (015) 295-8230 , (079) 375-8856 and (083) 786-4985
Emailcoastaltoolhire1 [at] telkomsa [dot] net and Suliman [at] ehhassim [dot] co [dot] za
Fax(015) 291-4142
Address65 Bok Street, Polokwane, 0699
Postal AddressPO Box 117, Polokwane, 0700
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